Club Wish List

View the Boys & Girls Club’s wish list! To donate an item, please first contact the Club at 970-375-0010.

Software: Photo Shop/Video Editing software for PC’s
Mac Books with Final Cut Pro
Lap Tops
New Desktop computers
Head phones
Flat Screen TV
Flat Screen computer monitors
Digital cameras
Wii or XBOX Games
DVDs (rated G or PG)
MP3 Player with cords
Computer mice

Sports Equipment and Game Room Fun
Indoor basketballs: women’s or kid sized
Kids sized footballs (nerf)
Soccer Balls
New Basketball Hoop
Board Games (Connect 4, Guess Who, Trouble, Sorry, Cards, etc)
Jump ropes
Volleyball / Badminton Net
Pingpong paddles, balls and nets
Air hockey pucks
Pool cues/balls, table cover
Croquet set
small prizes for incentives

Building Supplies
New Chairs
Paintings for walls

Art/School Supplies
Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils
Glue, scissors
Construction paper
Modeling clay
Crochet needles
Flashcards and learning games
notebook paper

Office Supplies
Copy paper
Photo paper
AA batteries
AAA batteries
Pencils/ pens
Dry erase markers
Toner for Canon ImageRunner 3035

Music Supplies
Musical Instruments (guitars, drums, keyboards etc.)
Music creation software (Fruity Loops 8, Hypersonic 2, etc.)