The After School Program
The program runs each day after school and on days when 9-R schools are closed. The hours are Monday: 3 – 6 pm for Elementary School kids and 3-7 pm for Middle Schoolers, Tuesday through Thursday 3-7 pm and 1- 6 pm on Friday. To participate in the after school program your child will need to be a current member. Check out our News & Events page to see what happening at the Club. If you have any questions please contact the Club at 970-375-0010.
Club Character & Citizenship
Empower kids to develop positive self images, good character and respect for themselves and others in order to sustain meaningful relationships. Provide challenging opportunities that encourage youth to discover their inherent ability to lead, influence and contribute to society.
Academic Success
Encourage kids to value their education and become life-long learners, help them explore career options, set goals and prepare for employment. The Club has a goal of every Club member graduating high school ready for college, trade school, the military or employment.
Healthy Lifestyles
Help kids learn to make healthy decisions, manage peer pressure, set goals and develop valuable life skills. Programs develop fitness, positive use of leisure time, skills for stress management, appreciation for the environment and social skills.