Healthy Lifestyles

Triple Play
Focusing on health of the mind, body and soul, this program engages Club kids in improving their own lives. Special Thanks to our Triple Play Sponsors.

A sports and fitness program designed to get kids moving, teach kids about healthy lifestyles, and develop good sportsmanship in members. SPARK games focus on keeping kids in the game, and working together as a team.


It’s a sports group just for girls! SPARK Girls encourages positive self esteem and self confidence through physical activity. The girls are introduced to team and individual sports in this fun program.


Kids in the Kitchen
While learning about making healthy lifestyle choices, kids get to create some delicious and healthy after-school snacks. Learning about proper nutrition helps fight the nationwide problem of childhood obesity. In addition, giving kids the power to make their own snack choices and the skills to find their way around the kitchen, gives kids a great sense of importance and empowerment.


Making good decisions, resisting peer pressure, and leading a healthy, drug-free life are all issues that are addressed in SMART Moves.


Developing positive self esteem and confidence are some of the goals of this all girls program. The girls also get to discuss topics that matter to them like gossip, rumors, and bullying.


Wise Guys
In this all-boys program, we help the boys learn to make good decisions and deal with issues that are relevant to them.