The Boys & Girls Club of La Plata County eClub@home provides an array of digital activities in alignment with the Club’s priority outcomes supporting academic success, developing character & citizenship, and encouraging healthy lifestyle behaviors. The interactive sessions are presented by Club staff using the internet-based ZOOM platform.

The Club’s virtual eClub@home activities will resume in November.

Watch for details on our website and in parent/guardian e-news about our ALL STAR team and the science, technology, arts, fitness and leadership virtual after school activities.

 Check out the eClub calendar for upcoming activities

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eClub@home Frequently Asked Questions

  • eClub@home sessions will run using ZOOM, a video meeting platform.
  • Sessions will be co-hosted by Boys & Girls Club of La Plata County staff
  • Grade levels refer to the grade a participant will be for the academic year 2020-2021

What age group are eClub@Home programs designed for?

The Club hosts activities for kids 4th – 5th grade and 6th-8th grade groups.  The Club offers a variety of self-directed eClub activities available on the Club’s website: Club Member Tab.  

What will my child/teen be doing as part of the eClub@home program?

Fun, interactive sessions will include activities and challenge opportunities in alignment with the Club’s academic success, character & citizenship, and healthy lifestyles and may include physical activity, hands-on art or science projects, and weekly challenges or contents.

How much does it cost to participate in eClub@home programs?

For current members, eClub@home is provided at no cost.

Who will my child/teen be interacting with in the eClub@home sessions?

Your child/teen will see familiar faces! Each session will be co-led by Boys & Girls Club of La Plata County program staff. Participants are current Club members in their age range. Staff will manage all content and participant behavior in the “invite only” sessions.

How is eClub@home being monitored?

The ZOOM feature that enables the sessions to be recorded will be activated for the safety of Club members and staff, recorded sessions will be stored in the ZOOM Cloud. No one will be “admitted” to the sessions who has not been invited from Club membership. In addition to the program staff co-leading the sessions, the Club’s CEO or designee may join the sessions (to do a pulse check on the activity, gauge engagement or other observational program assessments), they will be introduced to all participants at the beginning of the session.

What are the safety protocols in place when my child safe when participating in an eClub@home session?

Parents/guardians will be asked to provide the Club member preferred contact (school email/cell phone). The Club will use this contact information to send eClub@home ZOOM session invitations to individual Club members, with a copy to the Club member’s parent(s)/guardian.

The sessions are virtually “closed” to anyone who does not have a parent/guardian consent on file. To participate, your child/teen will be invited to the eClub@home session, a ZOOM link will be provided. Participants will be required to confirm their intention to join a session. The event host (Club staff) will welcome confirmed participants into the session.

How does my child/teen join an eClub@home session?

Participants can access eClub@home using a mobile phone, computer, or tablet. Just prior to the start time, Club members who have confirmed their intention to participate will logon through the Zoom link and the session host will welcome them.

Participants will be allowed to send chat messages to the whole group however, the private chat feature will be disabled. Each ZOOM session, including the chat’s will be recorded for safety purposes.

Can my child/teen use a Bluetooth headset?

Yes, as long as the Bluetooth device is compatible with the computer or mobile device they are using.

Is my child/teen required to have a webcam to join the session?

While participants are not required to have a webcam to join an eClub@home session, not having a webcam means the participant will not be seen by the co-hosts or other Club members. Non-webcam participants will be able to listen and speak, they will be able to view the other participants.

Can my child/teen communicate directly with Club staff?

The safety protocol of Boys & Girls Club of La Plata County consistent with Boys & Girls Clubs of America safety policies prohibits one-on-one communication (verbal, email, text, written) between one staff member and one Club member. If you or your child/teen has a question about eClub@home sessions, contests, challenges etc., parents/guardians are required to communicate with staff. Club members will not receive a response to any communication from a Club member.

How does my child/teen submit their entry to eClub@home challenges or contests?

All entries are to be sent to the mailbox where they are received by eClub@home program staff. Entries will not be accepted through individual Club staff email addresses. eClub@home participants will be reminded of this procedure during the instructions for challenges/contests.