After School Programs

When school’s out THE CLUB is open!

The Club has expanded it’s afterschool programs to serve kids and families across the Durango area and in neighboring Bayfield. Find the program that best suits your family:

The Club @Durango Schools

is an elementary school-based afterschool program being offered at each of the 9-R elementary school sites, for students Kindergarten – 5th gr. Starts Tuesday, August 22nd. VIEW PROGRAM

The Boys & Girls Club of La Plata County-Main Club

afterschool program at the Main Club (2750 Main Ave) for students 4th gr and older. 9-R bus transportation is available to bring students to the Club. Starts Tuesday, September 6th. VIEW PROGRAM

Bayfield Friday Enrichment Program

Bayfield Students in K-8th grade can join us when school is out on Fridays at Bayfield Intermediate School from 7:30 am- 4pm. Starts, Friday, August 18th. VIEW PROGRAM

A 2023-2024 Membership is required for participation in all of the above programs. Additional registration for particular dates is required for The Club @Durango Schools and Bayfield Friday Enrichment programs. See additional details and registration links by clicking on the link for your program.

Led by trusted adult role-models, daily programs and activities inspire creativity through science, technology, and craft activities, encourage social recreation, develop character and leadership skills and most especially, guide kids to know who they are…and who they want to be.

For additional information regarding afterschool or Bayfield Enrichment programs contact 970/375-0010 ext. 1

Programs & Activities

Bridge the gap between school and home

The Road to Great Futures

The Boys & Girls Club provides a place where La Plata County kids can go after school and in the summer to grow beyond the classroom. Through these programs and other outreach, the Club serves more than 1,255 local youth each year. This service, paired with Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s data-driven, outcome-oriented resources, helps us deliver an unsurpassed youth development experience.

Providing a great Club Experience means we meet youth where they are, and understand what they need to grow and succeed. In doing so, we emphasize three key outcome areas: Academic Success, Good Character and Citizenship, and Healthy Lifestyles. These focus areas provide a platform for helping all kids build the skills and relationships needed to achieve a GREAT FUTURE.

Academic Success

Every person has strengths and gaps when it comes to learning—and it’s our job to help kids figure out where their greatest potential lies. Whether through tutoring and homework help, access to technology, college and career readiness programs or skills development, the Club has an outstanding track record of helping young people make academic strides. The success of our programs can be seen in the achievements of our youth, as we guide them along the road to high school graduation, with a solid plan for the future.

Good Character & Citizenship

As youth are taught to be productive, caring, responsible citizens through high-quality programs and staff who model good behavior, they are more likely to carry these values with them when they leave the Club. In addition to fostering accountability, we also help young people develop leadership skills, a sense of civic duty and an understanding of the value of giving back to their community.

Healthy Lifestyles

In the important hours after school gets out, we have an obligation to make sure the kids and teens who spend this time with us are achieving social, emotional and physical wellness. From building self-esteem and confidence, to providing healthy snacks and activities, the Club offers a breadth of ways that kids can develop healthy habits for life.

Staying true to our mission, with support from Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA), we have continued to respond to the swift-changing, societal landscape in which young people are growing up. Using best new research and practice insights in the field of youth development, education, and other related human service fields, we offer intentional programming that drives more frequent attendance.

The result?

Youth who are more likely to progress to the next grade on time, avoid risky behaviors and exercise regularly among many positive outcomes!
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Health & Wellness

Programs build the foundational skills of developing relationships, regulating emotions and solving problems. They also focus on communication and decision making through exploring a range of health topics and behaviors, including substance use, sexual behavior and violence.

Sports & Recreation

Programs build the competence, confidence and intrinsic motivation to be physically active every day and make healthy eating choices. Through playful experiences and organized sports, members also develop social-emotional skills such as teamwork, impulse control and perseverance.

Leadership & Service

Programs build leadership with self, leadership with others, and leadership within the community through development of empathy, perspective taking, conflict management, social responsibility and goal setting skills. They give youth the confidence and abilities to create meaningful change in their world.


Programs complement and reinforce what youth learn during the school day, while creating experiences that invite them to fall in love with learning. Rooted in social-emotional development practices, programs in this area enable all youth to be effective, engaged learners who are on track to graduate with a plan for the future.

A look at the Club experience as shared by Club members, their parents and guardians, Club staff, and donors. Feel the fun!