Arts & Crafts

Fine Art Activities

Pointillism Art– Supplies needed: paint (watercolors, tempera or acrylic paint), cotton swabs, paper

Abstract No-paint watercolor art– Supplies needed: paper, markers, water, plastic baggie

Discover the Metropolitan Museum of Art– Virtual Tours – The world of art is waiting for you!

Drawing & Doodling

How to Draw a Rocket– Perfect for young artists. This is a fun lesson to do with them while focusing on primary colors, basic shapes, and cutting things out of paper. (11:43)

How to Draw a SeaTurtle– Learn how to draw a cute cartoon sea turtle! (6:43)

How to Draw Cute Ice Cream– Be careful today’s lesson may get you really hungry! We’re learning how to draw a cute ice cream cone. (3;32)

How to Draw Goofy with Disney Artists– An animation tutorial with a lesson on a classic Disney character – Goofy! (14:09)

Draw Genie from Aladdin– Learn how to draw Aladdin from Animation Acadamy artist, Heather! (20:31)

Draw Buzz Lightyear– To Infinity and Beyond! Learn how to draw Buzz Lightyear. (17:39)

Draw Mickey Mouse– Hot Diggity Dog– Let’s draw Mickey Mouse! (5:49)

Draw an Astronaut– Learn how to draw an astronaut! Don’t forget to draw the background too! (12:24)

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems!– Grab some paper and pencils, pens, or crayons.  We are going to doodle together and explore ways of writing and making. (8:28)

Simple Crafts

Bottlecap Fish Art– Supplies needed: blue cardstock paper, bottle/milk caps, colored cardstock paper, wiggly eyes, black marker, green tissue paper, glitter glue, white paint, paper straw, 2 small, paper plates and school glue

4 Ocean Crafts– Supplies needed: paper plate, ruler, scissors, marks, pencil and glue

Paper Finger Puppets– Supplies needed: paper, pen, tape and scissors

Paper Plate UFO– Supplies needed: white and black acrylic paint, white paper plates, glitter paint or glitter glue, constructions paper, scissors, googly eyes and a marker

Animal Shadow Drawing– Supplies needed: paper, toy and pen/pencil

Paper Plate Parrot– Supplies needed: paper plate, markers, tissue paper, scissors, googly eyes, colored ribbon, stapler or tape

Wrist Parakeet– Supplies needed: construction paper, small feathers, 2 dot stickers for eyes, goose quills, pipe cleaner, scissors, tape, marker and a hole punch

Rain Sticks– Supplies needed: paper towel roll, aluminum foil, rice, clear tape, wooden spoon, broom handle, colored paper. Optional-funnel

Build A Straw Airplane– Supplies needed: straws, tape, scissors and paper