Character & Citizenship

Click here to participate in some fun Census related activities!

Here are some direct links to a few of our favorite Census related games:

Bracketology: Test your knowledge of population data! Start by choosing your geographic level: metro areas or states. Click on the name in each match-up that you think has the larger population. Green shows a correct answer, red indicates an incorrect answer. When you have opposing names picked for the next round, pick again. See how close you can come to a perfect score of 63. When you are finished, play again or mouse-over results to view the most current population estimates for each pair.

Toymakers Warm Up: This 5-Minute Challenge warm-up activity teaches about the amount of toy manufacturing establishments in the United States. Imagine starting your own toy manufacturing company and decide where you would want to start your company and why.

Quiz Game: Which state is the most densely populated? How do most people get to work? Quiz yourself on facts about the United States while discovering a variety of data produced by the U.S. Census Bureau.


Inspiring words from another kid! Watch these videos and follow the journal prompts:

Words Matter & Kindness: What are some things you can say to others to make a difference in their lives? What does kindness look like to you?

20 Things we Should Say more Often: Which thing did you like the most? How does hearing that make you feel?

How to Change the World: Here is a journal page to complete.

Pep Talk for the World: What are some of your goals? Write down some for this month, for this year, and a big picture goal for when you are older!


Use these activities to think about what makes you special and what can make you an even better version of yourself. Share with a family member if you are comfortable.

Day 1: Who are You Activity

Day 2: Your Strengths

Day 3: Learn About Weaknesses,      Weaknesses Challenge

Day 4: Trust,Trust Challenge

Day 5: Value,Values Challenge


Spread joy to those around you with compliments, showing your appreciation or writing a letter!

Happy Place Exercise

3 Hidden Compliments

A Letter to Someone Special

Fill Your Gratitude Jar

Make an Emotions Chart