Unwavering support from donors and volunteers
has made the Boys & Girls Club a community leader
for youth development.

Since its founding in 2007, the Boys & Girls Club of La Plata County has provided a safe place for thousands of community kids, where they know they belong, have fun, and are supported, encouraged and celebrated.

La Plata County youth will always need positive adult role models, supportive peer relationships and safe spaces. We need your support to continue to make an impact in the lives of the kids who need us most.

Here’s what it takes:

“As a result of challenging family circumstances, I raised my nephew while he was in middle school. My goal was to provide a consistent environment where he could heal. The Boys & Girls Club became an extension of that environment: the staff were caring, consistent and helped him learn to be accountable for his behavior.”

– Aunt Carly

The single, largest, protective factor in a kid’s life is a relationship with positive, adult, role models. The Club’s supporters – Monthly Donors, Champions for Youth, and Business and Civic Leaders – are transforming the lives of La Plata County youth, one young person at a time. An investment in the Boys & Girls Club gives our community kids access to role models who provide consistency, accountability and fun each time they visit the Club.

“My brothers are both much older than me, they both work and so does my mom. I come to the Club after school, instead of going home by myself, sitting on the couch and playing video games.”

– Asher, 5th Grade

A safe space and a positive environment are cornerstones of the Club experience. We meet kids where they are and provide support and opportunities during after school hours and the summer – times where kids are often unsupervised or engage in risky behaviors. Financial accessibility is as important as the Club’s centralized location. The annual Club membership is $25 while the annual cost for serving one member is $1,250.

Intentional programming at the Boys & Girls Club drives more frequent Club attendance. Our impact focuses on three primary outcome areas – Academic Success, Good Character & Citizenship, and Healthy Lifestyles – all with an emphasis on FUN. Your gift to the Club ensures that community youth are given diverse opportunities for exploration, where they can chase their hopes and dreams. Rooted in the Club’s culture of core values like optimism, authenticity, duty and heart, Club members are more likely to exercise regularly, avoid risky behaviors, have higher self-esteem, vote, progress to the next grade on time and graduate with a plan.

“The Boys & Girls Club is a source of hope for our youth and our community and a priceless resource for parents. My kids had a village, a group of people who cared, cheered and mentored them. I feel like every child deserves that and the Club is that village, giving kids the hope and opportunities to discover who they are in a safe and caring environment. I support the Club as a way of giving back, as a way of saying thank you to the Durango community with the intent that other kids in our community will have the opportunities my children experienced.”

– Anonymous Club Donor

Donations enable the Boys & Girls Club of La Plata County to provide Club members with the skills, tools and support they need to ensure GREAT FUTURES. We benefit from a diverse support network that values the role and impact the Club has on youth, reflecting the community’s heart for kids. You can donate directly online, or provide a cash, check or in-kind donation directly to the Club.

CLUB BLUE MONTHLY DONORS provide reliability and the supplies and equipment resources to make a difference in the lives of Club members each day. Learn more about Club Blue.

CHAMPIONS FOR YOUTH DONORS ensure the Club experience is financially accessibly to all La Plata County Families, offsetting program costs and keeping membership fees low ($25 per year). Learn more about becoming a Champion for Youth.

BUSINESS LEADERS AND CIVIC GROUPS invest in the Club in alignment with their community commitment through unique sponsorship opportunities that reinforce well-trained, dedicated staff, earning a living wage, to guide young people on their paths to GREAT Futures. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

Don’t have the means for a fiscal donation? Donate your time by volunteering with our Club