Sponsorship Opportunities

The Boys & Girls Club of La Plata County enjoys the partnerships it develops with businesses who share the Club’s heart for kids.  Customizing sponsorship opportunities in alignment with the values and the desired impact of partner businesses changes the trajectory of the youth we serve.  

Event, campaign and programming sponsorships demonstrate a commitment to ensuring the children, tweens and teens in our community have access to affordable youth development programs. Working together, the following sponsorship examples illustrate how the Club works in relationship with businesses and other organizations to make GREAT FUTURES happen.      

Alpine Bank’s, ‘Generations of Giving’ is celebrated through the sponsorship of the Club’s Camp for Kids fundraising event.  The Bank’s commitment as a leader in “giving back to the Colorado communities where Bank employees live, work, and play,” is echoed in the Club’s commitment to developing generations of kids with the skills to meet life’s challenges and inspire others.     

CT Electric focuses on ensuring families have access to consistent and affordable youth development programs, led by trusted adult role models.  The investment of CT Electric assists the Club in meeting families where they are, making certain the Club experience is accessible to all kids, regardless of a family’s financial circumstances.      

Durango Land & Homes‘ community commitment through the Club advances a fun, safe environment where kids learn who they are and who they can be.  Their special interest in advancing the skills of middle school girls aligns with the Club’s premier female youth development program, SMART Girls. The result: a GREAT sponsorship match that furthers Durango Land & Homes’ meaningful impact in the lives of young women in our community.  

Durango Joe’s Joe Lloyd on Supporting the Boys & Girls Club

For more information, or to craft a Club investment plan that honors your philanthropic intentions, contact Kathrene Frautschy at kathrene@bgclaplata.org or (970) 375-0010.