Exercise & Fitness

Fun, Silly Workouts

Wakeup Workout– Wake up your body with this slow and easy workout. (3:38)

Animal Instincts Workout– MOOve along to your favorite animal songs in this 10-minute megamix! (16:44)

Cats & Dogs Workout– This 10-minute megamix is made up of a litter of pawsome feline and canine videos. (10:27)

Ocean Workout– Swim like a shark, walk like a crab, wiggle like jellyfish, do a pirate jig and GO with YOYO! (8:30)

Under the Sea Workout– Andy goes on an adventure to find the biggest fish in the ocean. (6:14)

Moose on the Loose Workout– Moose Fabio is on the loose … and he’s singing and dancing in this 10-minute a-MOOSE-ing mega mix! (10:08)

Spiderman Warmup– Super Hero Warm-Up. (1:31)

Frozen 2 Move Along– Move along, FREEZE, and feel the magic with all your favorite characters from Frozen 2! (2:39)

Get Moving: Lion King– Get ready for a fitness adventure for the whole family! Move like Simba, Rafiki, Zazu, and more of your favorites from The Lion King. (7:55)

Get Moving: Moana– Make way and get moving with a Moana-inspired workout adventure! (13:07)

Get Moving: Mulan– Get the whole family together to train just like Mulan did at Captain Li Shang’s training camp. (9:12)