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Erosion Explosion Article & Experiment Click Here & Here!

Walking Water Experiment– Supplies needed: clear cups, food coloring and paper towels

Make a Comet– Supplies needed: a chopstick or popsicle stick, metallic ribbon, scissors and tin foil

Make a Spacecraft– Supplies needed: small juice box, battery made from a yellow sponge, small plastic dish attached with a pick-up stick, radio dish, half a styrofoam ball, black construction paper, and a part of a pick-up stick, a screw and tape.

Oil & Water Science Experiment– Supplies needed: baby oil or vegetable oil, washable liquid watercolors or food coloring, pipettes or droppers

How Strong Are You– Supplies needed: five full sheets of newspaper

Tin Foil Moon– Supplies needed: tinfoil, coins, glue, cardstock, grey & black pastels or  markers


Get up close & personal with animals with zookeepers & aquarium staff. These are all videos you can watch and learn interesting facts.Hippos– We’re live at Hippo Cove for our first Home Safari with everyone’s favorite hippo, Fiona! (22:05)
Mo the Sloth– Today we are hanging with our two-toed sloths Moe & Lightning! (16:07)

Red Pandas– It’s going to be pandemonium today during our Home Safari as we introduce you to some of our amazing. (13:05)

Sea Lions– Get up close and personal with some of the most unique aquatic animals around, including seals and sea lions. (9:25)

Beluga whales– Kelsey and Maple’s relationship is special. Together, they’re working to save beluga whales. (5:15)

Sea Otters– Grab the tissues! Get ready to experience a “love like no otter” in the latest episode from Aquarium Love Stories. (5:55)

Life on an Aquarium Vet– Go behind the scenes with our veterinary team and follow their passion as they care for all Aquarium animals. (3:39)

Learn about Mammals through Games– Peek inside a tiger, a bat, a kangaroo, an elephant, and a sloth. Explore each animal’s anatomy — bones, fur, whiskers, and more.


Explore the Stars– Welcome to Stellarium Web, an online planetarium.

Star Finder Activity– You can learn your way around the night sky by finding some of the constellations.

Watch Live Footage of Your Favorite Animals at the San Diego Zoo– Enjoy live cams of all your favorite animals – Elephants, Koalas, Butterflies and many more!

Tour NASA– Explore the Kennedy Space Center in this exclusive video from Studies Weekly. (10:46)

Live Webcams of the Georgia Aquarium – Stunning cams from the Georgia Aquarium.

Tour & Learn About Our National Parks– The hidden worlds of the National Parks. Follow rangers on a journey to places most people never go!


Park Animal Scavenger Hunt– Which animals have you seen? Printable!

Nature Scavenger Hunt– Explore the outdoors with our printable checklist!

Backyard Scavenger Hunt– What will YOU find in your backyard? Printable!


How Can Kids Reduce Plastic Use– Chew on these three ideas for plastic-free snacking!

Ways to Be Kind to the Earth– Are you doing your part to be kind to the Earth?

8 Ways Kids Can Help Save the Planet– Save the planet while still having fun! (1:37)

Recycle Roundup Game– Help clean up the park! Your job is to sort the stuff people throw away and put it in the proper bin.

Caring for the Planet– You can do lots of good things for the earth. Here are ideas to keep in mind.

Protect Planet Earth– Ten simple choices for a healthier planet.